Few words about us

The e-shop «Knowmad» was created by our need to share with you our passion for travelling and exploration of different civilizations.

Each and every item, which we have chosen one by one for you, has its own story to narrate.

In order to do so, we created a collection of clothes, accessories, housewares and different other items which illustrate the experiences we tasted, the places we saw, the people we touched, the laughing we heard, the flowers we smelled…

So, a world full of emotions!

Why «Knowmad»?

The term «Knowmad» derives from the combination of the words «know» and «nomad» 

Thus, Knowmads are called the people who have a thirst for knowledge without, however, being limited by the strict borders of an office. They are the ones who need space and freedom to excel through their art.

They gain this knowledge not only by studying, but mostly by exploring civilisations and by travelling. It is impossible for them to stay in one place and at the same time to be productive. Wandering is necessary for them in order to be creative, in the exact same way it is for nomads.
As we feel like Knowmads, we decided to give this name to our e-shop.
All the items you will find in our e-shop share the same philosophy with Knowmads.
A philosophy that leaves the industrialisation and the massive production behind and focuses on our need to find meaning in the art created by Knowmads.

«Craftsmanship names the basic human impulse to do a job well for its own sake»

– Richard Sennett – TheCraftsman


In the “Knowmad” e-shop we invite you to meet this philosophy and adopt it. After all, Knowmad is a way of life!
Let’s live it together.

Welcome to Knowmad’s world

Are you ready?

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